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andre-artus by anvilkotlin

A simple Kotlin wrapper around Anvil.

The only purpose of this library is to provide type safety to Anvil through Kotlin. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy! :)

Get it

Add the JitPack repo to your root build.gradle file:

allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url "" }

The possible library strings are:

dependencies {
	// Remember, you still need to set up the equivalent Anvil ones!
	// SDK libraries
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:anvil:0.4.0:sdk15Release@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:anvil:0.4.0:sdk19Release@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:anvil:0.4.0:sdk21Release@aar'
	// Support libraries
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:cardview:0.4.0@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:gridlayout:0.4.0@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:recyclerview:0.4.0@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:support:0.4.0@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:design:0.4.0@aar'
	compile 'com.github.graknol.AnvilKotlin:appcompat:0.4.0@aar'

How to use it

Use the functions from each library (these are found in graknol.anvil.kotlin) to create views and then use the functions on this, for instance:

val fooContent: Anvil.Renderable.() -> Unit = {
	coordinatorLayout {
		appBarLayout {
			size(MATCH, WRAP)
			toolbar {
				size(MATCH, dip(48))

// Just to demonstrate that you can indeed style views by a lambda (think, theme classes with functions like this in it).
val styleNavDrawer: AppCompatDSLListViewCompat.() -> Unit = {

class ExampleView(c: Context) : RenderableView(c) {
	fun view() {
		linearLayout {
			appCompatButton {
				text("click me!")
				onClick(View.OnClickListener {
			drawerLayout {
				// Look at the top of this snippet
				listViewCompat {
					size(dip(240), MATCH)
					// Look at the top of this snippet
				}.lparams {
					gravity = START
					weight = 1f
			// If there are functions missing in the DSL, do this little trick:
			with(Anvil.currentView<LinearLayout>()) {
				// Magic!

The reason for the “seemingly redundant” typing of OnClickListener above, is simply that Kotlin does not automatically convert Kotlin parameters to SAMs (Single abstract method), and there are too many functions in the different library for me to patch every single one of them. PS: Some listeners have multiple functions, so you’ll end up writing those like this anyway ;)

Splitting the code is ~~ugly not that ugly anymore, YAY :)

Most issues are not present anymore. If there’s something bothering you on this area, DO NOT hesitate to open an issue (we really need all the input we can get).


Code is distributed under the MIT license, feel free to use it in your proprietary projects as well.

compile "com.github.andre-artus:AnvilKotlin:0.4.0"

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