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Cfg4k is a configuration library made for Kotlin in Kotlin!


  • Automatic reload
  • Interface binding
  • Ability to handle data classes automatically
  • All the complex types and generics are supported
  • Huge flexibility, custom sources
  • Easy to use
  • Bytebuddy provider will be able to compile your bindings at runtime (You will need to add the cfg4k-bytebuddy to your dependencies.)

For further information, use the wiki

Quick start

  1. Add the Bintray repository:
    repositories {
  2. Add the dependency for the module(s) that you are going to use
    compile 'com.jdiazcano.cfg4k:cfg4k-core:$VERSION'
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    val source = ClassPathConfigSource("")         // Create source
    val loader = PropertyConfigLoader(source)                       // Create loader
    val provider = ProxyConfigProvider(loader)                      // Create provider
    val databaseConfig = provider.bind<DatabaseConfig>("database")  // bind and use

    println("Name: ${}")
    println("Url: ${databaseConfig.url()}")
    println("Port: ${databaseConfig.port()}")

 * This interface defines a database configuration
interface DatabaseConfig {
     * You can have javadocs inside your properties and this is really cool
    fun url(): String
    fun port(): Int
    fun name(): String

    // if you have an unused property you know it and you can delete it
    val unused: String

    @Deprecated("You can even deprecate properties!")
    fun deprecated(): Boolean
    val youCanuseValuesToo: String
    val andNullables: Int?

Architeture overview



Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE file.

compile "com.github.jdiazcano:cfg4k:0.9.41"

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