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Kara Web Framework

Kara is a web framework for the JVM written in Kotlin. It enables developers to build succinct, type-safe HTML and CSS all in one language.

The article Type-safe Web with Kotlin by Andrey Breslav illustrates the benefits of such a framework.

Check out karaframework.com to get a quick overview of the project. (Caution: Some contents are outdated.)


The project was started by Tiny Mission, a small web and mobile development company hoping to use Kara as a help to work faster and write better code.

Currently, it is actively developed by JetBrains, the company behind Kotlin.


There’s plenty of work left to do to make Kara a first class framework, and we’d welcome contributions. Contact andy at tinymission.com to get involved.


Kara is Open Source and licensed under the Apache Licenses, version 2.0. It can be freely used in commercial projects.

Run the sample

Download the repository, load the project in IntelliJ IDEA (can take a while), then choose the “Sample Server” configuration in the toolbar and run it.

You can now open the sample web page at http://localhost:3000.

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