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Extended Kotlin Scripting

Gradle /Maven

With Kotlin 1.2.+ in your classpath, add:

artifact GAV
keplin-core uy.kohesive.keplin:keplin-core
keplin-maven-resolver uy.kohesive.keplin:keplin-maven-resolver
keplin-jsr223-kotlin-engine uy.kohesive.keplin:keplin-jsr223-kotlin-engine


  • document the modules
  • add maven / file resolver Cuarentena-like support for whitelisting GAV, and local file patterns
  • add Cuarentena support for securing each script engine.

Current Modules:


  • a simple Repl class SimplifiedRepl
  • a file based JAR resolver that can be used with @file:DependsOnJar(fileInDirRepo|fullyQualifiedFile) and @file:DirRepository(fullQyalifiedPath) annotations in the script to load JAR files
  • a script definition that can automatically imply imports KotlinScriptDefinitionEx

See unit tests


Allowing Maven artifacts to be specified and used in Kotlin scripts.

  • a maven based resolver (maven-resolver dependency) used with @file:MavenRepository(mavenRepoUrl) and @file:DependsOnMaven(mavenGAV) annotations in the script to load Maven dependencies

See unit tests


  • keplin-kotlin-repl-compilable JSR223 engine also implementing Compilable and Invocable interfaces
  • keplin-kotlin-repl-eval-only JSR223 engine that is atomic eval only (compile+eval) and also Invocable interface

See unit tests


Keplin is used in the related Kotlin-Jupyter project to provide a basic REPL for Jupyter notebooks or console.

compile "uy.kohesive.keplin:keplin-core:1.0.1"

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