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Kotlin JS + typesafe jQuery

What it does

Example of how to easily compile Kotlin to javascript with typesafe access to the jQuery library. Allows using any other javascript libraries (when converted using ts2kt, see below). Packages everything together via browserify (require.js) for distribution.

Try it out


open dist/index.html in your browser.

You should now see an animated textual counter.

Further plans

  • make use of npm and broswerify
  • integrate kotlinx


It should be easy (not tested yet) to extend this project with other javascript libraries:

  1. add npm-dependency to package.json

    if no npm-package is available you can also put the library’s *.js-file(s) to the web-directory

  2. find typescript-file and transform it via ts2kt

    possible source for typescript files

  3. use it via require(...)

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