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kotlin-loader [Deprecated]

Please use kotlin-webpack-plugin instead

Kotlin webpack loader that allows importing Kotlin package into your JS

Please note that this loader is not production ready, it’s still under development.

It uses kotlinc-js compiler to convert Kotlin code to JavaScript. Note that Kotlin codebase is not file-based, but package-based. So it’s impossible to compile file-to-file at the moment, so you should import your kotlin entry point once.

See build example, app example.


npm i webpack-kotlin-loader --save-dev

Do not forget to install kotlin runtime:

npm i kotlin --save

Usage (for webpack 2): webpack.config.js

var path = require('path');
var webpack = require('webpack');

module.exports = {
  context: __dirname,
  devtool: 'source-map',
  entry: {
    main: './entry'
  output: {
    path: __dirname + '/dist',
    filename: 'build.js'
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.kt$/,
        use: [
            loader: 'webpack-kotlin-loader',
            options: {
              srcRoot: path.resolve(__dirname, './')

Where srcRoot should be set to root directory which contains your kotlin sources.

Then you could import your kotlin entry point somewhere:


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