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KotlinTest is a flexible and comprehensive testing tool for Kotlin.
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How to use

For latest updates see Changelog.

Test with Style

Write simple and beautiful tests with the StringSpec style:

class MyTests : StringSpec() {
  init {

    "length should return size of string" {
      "hello".length shouldBe 5


You can choose the testing style that fits your needs.

Let the Computer Generate Your Test Data

Use property based testing to test your code with automatically generated test data:

class PropertyExample: StringSpec() {
  init {
    "String size" {
      forAll { a: String, b: String ->
        (a + b).length == a.length + b.length

Check all the Tricky Cases With Table Testing

Handle even an enormous amount of input parameter combinations easily with table driven tests:

class StringSpecExample : StringSpec() {
  init {

    "should add" {
       val myTable = table(
         headers("a", "b", "result"),
         row(1, 2, 3),
         row(1, 1, 2)
       forAll(myTable) { a, b, result ->
         a + b shouldBe result


Test Exceptions

Testing for exceptions is easy with KotlinTest:

val exception = shouldThrow<IllegalAccessException> {
  // code in here that you expect to throw an IllegalAccessException
exception.message should startWith("Something went wrong")

Fine Tune Test Execution

You can specify the number of threads, invocations, and a timeout for each test or for all tests. And you can group tests by tags or disable them conditionally. All you need is config:

class MySpec : StringSpec() {

  override val defaultTestCaseConfig = TestCaseConfig(invocations = 3)

  init {
    "should use config" {
      // ...
    }.config(timeout = 2.seconds, invocations = 10, threads = 2, tags = setOf(Database, Linux))

And More …

This page gives you just a short overview over KotlinTest. There are some more useful things:

See full documentation.



testCompile 'io.kotlintest:kotlintest:xxx'


compile "io.kotlintest:kotlintest:2.0.7"

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