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Kottpd - REST framework written in pure Kotlin. It is avaliable from maven central repository. It supports plain HTTP and secured HTTPs.

    val server = Server() // default port is 9000
    server.staticFiles("/public") // specify path to static content folder
    server.get("/hello", { req, res -> res.send("Hello") }) // use res.send to send data to response explicitly
    server.get("/hello_simple", { req, res -> "Hello" }) // or just return some value and that will be sent to response automatically
    server.get("/do/.*/smth", { req, res -> res.send("Hello world") }) // also you could bind handlers by regular expressions
    server.post("/data", { req, res -> res.send(req.content, Status.Created) }) // send method accepts status
    // Filters
    server.before("/hello", { req, res -> res.send("before\n") })
    server.before({ req, res -> res.send("ALL before\n") })
    server.after("/hello", { req, res -> res.send("\nafter\n") })
    server.after({ req, res -> res.send("ALL after\n") })
    // exceptions handler
    server.exception(IllegalStateException::class, { req, res -> "Illegal State" })
    server.start(9443, true, "./keystore.jks", "password") // for secured conection
compile "com.github.gimlet2:kottpd:0.1.4"

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