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#Kovenant Promises for Kotlin.

The easy asynchronous library for Kotlin. With extensions for Android, RxJava, JavaFX and much more.

task { "world" } and task { "Hello" } success {
    println("${it.second} ${it.first}!")

Please refer to the Kovenant site for API usage and more.

Getting started

Build against Kotlin: 1.0.3. Source and target compatibility is 1.6


dependencies {
    compile 'nl.komponents.kovenant:kovenant:3.3.0'



###Android Demo app Checkout the Android Demo App on Github.

###Artifacts Kovenant has been structured in sub projects so you can cherry pick what you need.

artifact description
kovenant Container artifact that consists of kovenant-core, kovenant-combine, kovenant-jvm and kovenant-functional
kovenant-core The core of kovenant. Provides the API and default implementations
kovenant-combine Adds combine functionality that keep everything strongly typed
kovenant-jvm Support for converting between Executors and Dispatchers
kovenant-ui Support for UI frameworks that need UI work to operate on a specific process
kovenant-rx Add promise support to Rx
kovenant-android Extensions for Android specific needs
kovenant-jfx Extensions for JavaFX specific needs
kovenant-disruptor LMAX Disruptor work queues
kovenant-progress Progress configuration helper
kovenant-functional Functional Programming idiomatic additions

##Issues Issues are tracked in Youtrack

##Release notes See Changelog for release notes

##Slack Join the #kovenant channel on Kotlin Slack.

More Kotlin libraries

Check out Awesome Kotlin

compile "nl.komponents.kovenant:kovenant:3.3.0"

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