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A lightweight Android activity router written in Kotlin.


Basic usage

// anywhere in the app, preferably on application creation
val krouter = Krouter.from(context, hashMapOf(
    "user/:id/likes" to

// anywhere that can access the val above
krouter.start("user/42/likes") // this will start UserLikesActivity

// inside UserLikesActivity, possibly inside onCreate()
val id: Int = intent.getIntExtra("id", 0) // 42

Adding more extras

In order to add more extras to the intent, one can do the following:

    .withIntent { it.putExtra("name", "John") }

Starting for result

In order to set a request code:

    .startForResult(activity, 123) // 123 is the request code

Advanced routing configuration

It is possible to instantiate Krouter establishing a regular expression that the parameter must specify:

val krouter = Krouter(context, hashMapOf(
    Route("user/:id/likes", hashMapOf(
        "id" to Schema("^[0-9]{2}$")
    )) to

There are default implementations for integer, float, double, long, char:

// the constants must be statically imported from Schema.Type
Route("user/:id/likes", hashMapOf("id" to Schema(INT)))
Route("my/balance/:value", hashMapOf("value" to Schema(FLOAT)))

If no schema is defined, Krouter will try to infer the type accordingly. If no schema is suitable, the param will be coerced to a String.


You can add some interceptors to Krouter:

// If you are not logged in, go to login
krouter.addInterceptor(object : Interceptor {
    override fun intercept(chain: Interceptor.Chain): Router? {

        val route = chain.request()
        if(route?.url == "user/:id" && !login) {
            val target = chain.proceed(route)
            val router = krouter.getRouter("login")
            router?.intent?.putExtra("nav", target?.url)
            return router
        return chain.proceed(route)



Add the dependency:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.denisidoro.github:krouter:0.0.2'

Best practices

  • Use dependency injection: Krouter was idealized to be used in conjunction with Dagger.
  • Compose routers: say you have an activity flow in your app that’s only accessible to users who are admin, for instance. If you don’t want to deal with a huge routing map that has routes all flows, then create multiple Krouter instances. val globalKrouter and @AdminScope val adminKrouter, for example.
compile "com.github.denisidoro.github:krouter:0.0.2"

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