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Object notation in pure Kotlin!

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compile 'org.jire.kton:KTON:1.0.1'



KTON allows you to notate objects in an easy syntax using pure Kotlin. This is mostly a toy project but it may be useful for certain cases. I’d like to make conversion to JSON and provide more advanced features.

The following shows the differences between JSON, XML, and KTON. (Data used from http://json.org/example.html)


    "menu": {
        "id": "file",
        "value": "File",
        "popup": {
            "menuitem": [
                { "value": "New", "onclick": "CreateNewDoc()" },
                { "value": "Open", "onclick": "OpenDoc()" },
                { "value": "Close", "onclick": "CloseDoc()" }


<menu id="file" value="File">
        <menuitem value="New" onclick="CreateNewDoc()" />
        <menuitem value="Open" onclick="OpenDoc()" />
        <menuitem value="Close" onclick="CloseDoc()" />


val menu = kton {
    "id" to "file"
    "value" to "File"
    "popup" {
        "menuitem" [
            { "value" to "New"; "onclick" to "CreateNewDoc()" },
            { "value" to "Open"; "onclick" to "OpenDoc()" },
            { "value" to "Close"; "onclick" to "CloseDoc()" }

Accessing data from a KTON is done with concise syntax. Using the above example…

// Value access through get operator:
val id = menu["id"] // "file"
val value = menu["value"] // "File"

// Body access through invoke operator:
val popup = menu("popup")
val menuitems = popup("menuitem")

// Array access through get operator specifying index:
val newValue = menuitems[0]["value"] // "New"
val open = menuitems[1]
val openValue = open["value"] // "Open"
val closeOnClick = menuitems[2]["onclick"] // "CloseDoc()"
compile "org.jire.kton:KTON:1.0.1"

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