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Kuery - strongly typed SQL in Kotlin

The library is a strongly typed alternative to plain text SQL. The main goal of this project is to make database-related code easier to develop and maintain. The project uses some of the Kotlin language features to achieve type safety.


  • SQL-like syntax. Use language constructions you already know. Designed to cover the most common SQL features.
  • Strongly typed DSL makes it harder to make mistakes. Some of the most common errors are catched at compile time.
  • IDE’s assist in code editing.
  • Easier and safer refactoring/renaming.
  • No reflection


Database structure is defined by classes/objects inherited from the Table class. Tables are not domain model classes. Their purpose is to simply define relationships between tables and columns.

import tel.egram.kuery.*

object Organizations : Table("organizations") {
	val id = Column("id")
	val name = Column("name")

object Employees : Table("employees") {
	val id = Column("id")
	val name = Column("name")
	val organizationId = Column("organization_id")

Statements are the building blocks of the library. A statement usually starts with one of the following function calls:

  • over(table) - used for CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE statements
  • into(table) - used for INSERT statements
  • from(table) - used for SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements

Dialects are responsible for converting statements into actual SQL:

import tel.egram.kuery.*
import tel.egram.kuery.sqlite.*

val statement = from(Employees).where { e -> e.id eq 1 }.select { e -> e.name }
val sql = statement.toString(SQLiteDialect)
print(sql) // SELECT "name" FROM "employees" WHERE "id" = 1

Data Definition Language

Some parts of data definition language are specific to SQL dialects. An example for SQLite might look like this:

CREATE TABLE statement

import tel.egram.kuery.*
import tel.egram.kuery.sqlite.*

// CREATE TABLE "organizations" ...
    .create {
        integer(it.id).primaryKey(autoIncrement = true)..
// CREATE TABLE "employees" ...
    .create {
        integer(it.id).primaryKey(autoIncrement = true)..
        integer(it.organizationId).foreignKey(references = Organizations.id)

DROP TABLE statement

// DROP TABLE "employees"

Data Manipulation Language

Data manipulation is the most powerfull and complex part of SQL. The library supports INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

INSERT statement

// INSERT INTO "employees"("name", "organization_id") VALUES("John Doe", 1)
    .insert { e -> e.name("John Doe") .. e.organizationId(1) }

SELECT statement

The library provides the following operators to compose queries:

  • and
  • or
  • not
  • eq (equals)
  • ne (not equals)
  • lt (less than)
  • lte (less than or equal to)
  • gt (greater than)
  • gte (greater than or equal to)
// SELECT "id", "name" FROM "organizations" WHERE ...
    .where { e -> (e.organizationId ne null) and (e.name eq "John Doe") }
    .groupBy { e -> e.name }
    .having { e -> e.id ne null }
    .orderBy { e -> e.name.asc .. e.id.desc }
    .limit { 10 }
    .offset { 10 }
    .select { e -> e.id .. e.name }

JOINs are also supported in select statements

// SELECT ... FROM "organizations" JOIN "employees" ON ...
    .join(Employees).on { o, e -> o.id eq e.organizationId }
    .select { o, e -> o.name .. e.name }

UPDATE statement

// UPDATE "organizations" SET "name" = 'John Doe' WHERE "id" = 1
    .where { o -> o.id eq 1 }
    .update { o -> o.name("John Doe") }

DELETE statement

// DELETE FROM "organizations" WHERE "id" = 0
    .where { o -> o.id eq 0 }



<!-- Core library -->

<!-- SQLite dialect -->


// Core library
compile 'tel.egram.kuery:core:0.5.3'
// SQLite dialect
compile 'tel.egram.kuery:sqlite:0.5.3'
compile "com.nivabit.kuery:core:0.3"

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